Estrada's Stars

Matter Over Mindflayer

Puns. Just another service I provide.

XP gain: 2600, bringing our total to 85600.

Treasure: Unspecified, large amount.

Upon returning triumphant to Blindingstone, rife with healing gems to ease the ills of the babies (and singing stones to line Migdlin’s pockets), the crew was greeted as heroes twice over… yet all was not sanguine. A small group of young toughs, bold from liquid courage, expressed resentment at the daring deeds of the band of adventurers. When one grew so belligerent as to take a swing at Valna, she showed remarkable restraint at ignoring his feeble attempts. Elyjobel, however, stepped up to defend her friend’s honor, clocking the hood across the jaw and laying him out. A brief tussle ensued, marked mainly by the heroes trying to disengage, while a crowd milled about, trying to decide how they felt about their heroes and their hope of a new generation coming to blows. The whole situation was defused, however, when Warren Guard Kargian helped our party disentangle ourselves, and everyone went to sleep it off.

In the wee hours of the morning, however, the peaceful slumber was broken by horrific screams. Barely refreshed, the team burst outside to discover a foul Illithid had entered town, with his swarm of grimlocks and a hulking, animated suit of armor in tow. Deep Gnomes were gathered by the dozen to sate the brain-hunger of this foul beast of the Far Realm. It, unfortunately, did what it did best, and beset the minds of the adventurers with horrid psionic plagues, quickly crippling their capacity to strike back. Strike back we did, however, and proved that even hobbled, we are the grand heroes worthy of the praise we gain in story, and more.

Elyjobel had trouble fighting off the dregs of sleep and was less than efficacious for the first several rounds of combat, but the rest of the team stepped up. Despite dazings, and restraints, and sundry other ill effects rained down upon them by the mental mastery of the Mindflayer, the grimlock minions were quickly dispatched before they could harm very many more Deep Gnomes, and most escaped unscathed once our party met in force. One tiny babe in particular survived while family members fell around it. Bigglesby nobly sacrificed his own offensive potential at the start of the battle to take out many of the grimlocks that mobbed the party, freeing up the rest to focus on the big bads. Valna made the mindless armor wish it had never been animated, despite its natural resistance to charging, and Travok was the first to close in with the Mindflayer, dealing swift punishment for it’s trespass. It was Bigglesby, once more armed and showing off his most recently acquired skills, who met the alien monster post-teleport and ended its unnatural life.

The question remains unanswered, though… was this merely a symptom of the fact that Blingdingstone has been abandoned all this time, making it essentially a frontier town… or was there some specific nefarious purpose behind the attack? Unfortunately, groggy as they were, the crew were only able to slay the monsters, and failed to discern which of the many tunnels leading into the vaster Underdark they came from. Though a dozen Svirfneblin died, the rest were saved, thanks to our brave squad.


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