Madame Estrada

Proprietress of a respectable tavern in Ibis Creek.


Madame Estrada runs Madame Estrada’s Tavern in the town of Ibis Creek. She caters to adventurers, both by matching up lone adventurers into groups, and by directing them towards adventures. Sometimes she comes across information on lost treasure, and sometimes she finds wealthy clients who require the services adventurers can provide. The local council comes to her when faced with a problem the City Guard is ill-suited for.

Her current opinion of the adventurers is one of respect. They have done her a few personal favors and have always succeeded on their missions, and thus she brings the most lucrative contracts to them first. They also have access to the Tavern’s VIP lounge, and even a very small line of credit at the bar.

She is human. Her apparent age is at least fifty. She tends to wear simple but elegant gowns of heavy material in conservative cuts. Her white hair is short and frames her head. She will usually wear a few pieces of simple but tasteful jewelry. She carries herself at all times in a regal and distant manner.

She appears to have some affection for Toes, a leader of the local tribe of Halflings. Caught in an unguarded moment, Kismet asked her what her relationship was with this Halfling, and he charmed from her the words, “I… I had a son.” She would say no more on the subject.

Madame Estrada

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