Half-Elf, Barbarian, Badass, Slutty

It is unusual for the most decisive events in a Barbarian’s life to occur even before her birth, but such is the case with the half-elf Barbarian, Valna. Her mother, a human named Lenora, lived in a quiet town along the river Stour in the northern human kingdom of Kalladian. The town was of little consequence; it was populated by a group of farmers and craftsman who lived comfortably, but did not possess enough wealth or economic strength to hold positions of power within the kingdom. Lenora was loved by everyone in the town for her charm and beauty, despite the eccentricities of her father, Deton, a former adventurer who would speak for hours on end about the Primordials that inhabited and shaped the land. Most of the humans in the town worshipped the gods of the Astral Sea and viewed Deton as a harmless crackpot, but they tolerated him because of their affection for Lenora.

One fall afternoon when Lenora was16, a band of adventures journeyed through the town. Deton rushed to welcome them as he hoped to trade stories and share his own past feats of bravery. Even before learning their names or their intentions, he invited them to stay at his home with him and his daughter. Sadly, the adventurers were not kind or noble people; once inside Deton’s home, they beat and robbed him, and one of their number, a Drow sorcerer, raped Lenora. The adventurers left Deton and Lenora for dead, and left in the night.

Both Deton and Lenora recovered, and a few months later, Lenora realized she was pregnant. She had the child, a girl, and was relieved that her skin was not as dark as the Drow who had fathered her. While the child was not as pale as her mother, Lenora knew that the color of the girl’s skin would not betray the truth of her evil ancestry. The girl’s childhood passed without incidence; the town was aware of her conception through rape and her half-elf background, but such was the love for Lenora that she was never treated as an outcast or looked down upon. As was the custom in that area of the world, the child was not named until her third birthday, when she had lived past infancy and her personality had developed. When the time came to name her daughter, Lenora chose the name Valna, as the little girl had a volcanic temper. While she had inherited her mother’s charming good nature, Valna was also prone to tantrums and fits of violent behavior. These episodes usually took place in the context of playing games with other children and were troubling to her family. Lenora feared that it was the influence of Valva’s Drow blood, but had decided not to tell her daughter the full story of her background until she was older and had learned to calm her temper.

Valna delighted in stories of her grandfather Deton’s past adventures, and spent many evenings by the fire with him listening eagerly. When Valna reached the age of 10, Deton and Lenora decided it would be a good idea to teach her something of swordplay; hoping that the discipline and training would help reign in her temper. Valna’s ability to control herself did improve somewhat, but she also began to take an almost fiendish delight in hacking away at imagined enemies.

When Valna reached the age of 18, Lenora decided the time had come to tell her the truth of her conception. Valna had always known she was half-elf, her pointed ears were an obvious sign, but she knew nothing of the rape or her father’s true nature. She did not take the news well. Not only did she feel that there was something inherently wrong with her because of her father’s evil nature, the pain that her own conception must have brought her mother caused something inside Valna to break. She entered a rage, breaking almost every piece of furniture in Deton and Lenora’s home, and then fled into the forest near the town. For the first time, she truly gave into her rage, and for weeks wandered the forest destroying almost anything in her path. Finally the rage subsided, and Valna spent the next several months living in the forest contemplating her future. She knew she could not return home to stay; she could feel her anger and rage beneath the surface, always threatening to boil over. But she did love her mother and grandfather, and could not abandon them forever. Valna resigned herself to living in the forest permanently, but she remained near her family and saw them often.

While living in the forest, Valna began to think more about the teachings of her grandfather regarding the Primordials. She was drawn to their power and fascinated by the chaos that accompanied them. When visiting her family, she would talk to Deton about the different Primordials, and eventually came to identify with the Primordial Wolf, Sirinian. It was said that his howls shook both the ground and stars, and he had the power to create and destroy mountains. Valna began to see herself as a disciple of Sirinian, and through her grandfather’s teachings began to accept her own anger as merely another source of power. She still remained in the woods, living on her own, but didn’t feel so alone with the Primordials to guide her. She continued her fighting and became a protector of the town and its people. As her skill at fighting increased, Valna began to draw on the power of Sirinian and his earth-shaking howls. She also began to notice that in certain circumstances, she could harness arcane power and turn it against her enemies. This development was troubling, as Valna believed her arcane power originated from her Drow sorcerer father. But since it provided an advantage on the field of combat, she continued to use it.

For many years, Valna was happy living alone. She still occasionally gave into her rages, usually when hunting or fighting someone who threatened her town, and became a true Barbarian. She did manage to come to an uncertain peace with her dark side and when not in a combat situation was just as charismatic as her mother. However, by the time she reached her late 20s, she began to feel restless. Perhaps it was a call of the Primordials, or just a thirst to prove herself, but Valna decided to follow in her grandfather Deton’s footsteps and become an adventurer. Thus far, her life had been shaped by events that had occurred before her birth, but she had a feeling that would soon change, and that her future held more excitement and danger than she could even imagine…


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