Estrada's Stars

Rivenroar Crypt
We Defend Our Own

Our adventurers were attacked while drinking at a local watering hole (see what happens when you drink somewhere that isn’t Madame Estrada’s?) by a group of goblins. Running outside, they faced an ogre hurling flaming barrels of pitch around. Despite take grevious injuries and, in fact, falling beneath the wheels, Valna rallied her strength and the team triumphed. They spoke with Guard Captain Colin and learned that people had been kidnapped in the attacks, and artifacts from the last Red Hand raid decades ago were taken from the local museum. They were asked by the Council to rescue the villagers and, if possible, also get back the artifacts.

They interogated a prisoner, from whom they got a map to the Goblin base at Rivenroar Crypt. However, the map was a trap and they were led into an ambush by a group of insectoid monsters. They did finally make it to the crypt and entered. They fought their way to Sertanian, and after that to the lifeless corpse of Kartenix. They just found Mirtala who was catatonic, but managed to revive her easily. The prisoners were escorted out of the crypt where the adventurers discovered that Guard Captain Colin and Content Not Found: wrath, an old ally of theirs, was waiting to ferry the prisoners back to Ibis Creek, as well as guarding the entrance against reinforcements or fleeing goblins.

In the adventurers bravely went forth once more, this time carefully mapping out the twists and turns of the dungeon. They rapidly discovered a stairway they hadn’t taken before and, after minutes of patient observation, charged in and slaughtered all of the foes within. After the battle was done, they found Jalissa in a room off the battlefield. She now follows her brave rescuer, Kismet, as they wend deeper into the crypt…

Prisoners Found:

Prisoners yet to find:

Treasure yet to find:

  • Dragoncrest Helm
  • Platinum Longsword
  • 3x Shields with Red Hand Emblem
  • Iron Gauntlets with Filigree
  • Battle Standard showing Two Hands Clasped
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