Tag: Rivenroar Prisoner


  • Sertanian

    He is currently the curator of the museum in [[Ibis Creek]], and a contemporary and frenemy of [[:Merk]], who he considers to be an upstart who only moved to the town to take over the library relatively recently. He was a soldier in the last Red Hand …

  • Kartenix

    His body was found and left in a room in [[Rivenroar Crypt | Rivenroar Crypt]] covered in spiderwebs. His son [[:thurann | Thurann]] is still missing.

  • Thurann

    Captured by the Goblins in the Red Hand raid on [[Ibis Creek]]. He's somewhere in [[Rivenroar Crypt | the crypt]], and his fate remains unknown. His father [[:kartenix | Kartenix]] was found dead.

  • Mirtala

    She is the cook for a wealthy family of [[Ibis Creek]]. She was taken by goblins during the raid. She's been found by the group, suffering a catatonic reaction to her imprisonment, torture and possibly disease or poison, tied to an altar to the Raven …