The Feywild is one mirror of the world, formed first when creation was new. The Gods filled it with too much magic and life, and it grew chaotic and uncontrollable. Even now, tamed by its connection to the more-stable World, it is a land where magic flows free and logic flees.

Dew and snowflakes are crafted one-by-one by innumerable fairies. It might take five days to walk from one town to another, and then two hours to return. Wildlife and nature run rampant everywhere. And everywhere are the Fey.

Gnomes and Eladrin, even Elves, have ties to the Feywild, and hints of Fey flow through their veins. True Fey, however, are a different beast entirely. The Archfey unquestioningly rule all. While not truly as strong as God-like beings, within their own lands they are unassailable. Many Eladrin have gained the arcane knowledge, skill and power to become Archfey, and even some humans have managed it. Millions of impossible tales are told of the Archfey, and the truth is typically stranger yet.

The ruling council of the Archfey is the Court of Stars, where all the most powerful Fey meet to scheme, trick, betray, and even discuss the few matters they can agree on, like dealing with breaches to the sanctity of the Feywild as a whole.

Every Archfey belongs to one of the four Factions. They are, ranked from most powerful to least, the Summer Fey, the Green Fey, the Winter Fey, and the Gloaming Fey.


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