Nusemnee was the daughter of Zehir, and his chief assassin. Very little is known of her birth, or her early life; by the time anyone knew she existed, she’d been a shadowy assassin with dozens of successful hits under her belt.

Until she was sent to slay a powerful cleric of Pelor. She was caught, somehow, and his guardian Paladin mortally wounded the woman. The cleric, however, forgave her transgressions and rushed to save her, risking his life in the channeling of enough power to preserve her life.

This was literally the first kindness she’d ever received, and it impacted her greatly. She betrayed her father’s service, and joined the Paladin in protection of the cleric, until the day she gave her life to save his.

Yet even this was not the end of her story. Between her divine heritage and the nobility of her sacrifice, she rose anew in the Astral Sea as the Goddess of Redemption. Unfortunately, her reign was not long. Furious beyond belief at this perversion of his great assassin, Zehir had her killed. This third time stuck, and she died in truth, as much as a deity can.

It is said now that her body floats hidden in the Astral Sea, far from any landmarks. Some claim her father knows where the body is, and guards it with fierce exarches. Others think that Nusemnee’s few exalted tend to her body in secret. Some sages have determined that the poison which killed her, resting still in her blood, could be used to end Zehir’s own life. Others say there is no body, that her ascension was too new when she was slain, and she never achieved the mantle of full godhood.


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